The Openi Initiative aims to create a community-driven, open-source, lifelogging camera with firmware. Our aim in creating this initiative is to ensure that the data generated from lifelogging devices is fully accessible to the wearers, as well as ensuring that the devices themselves are open for community enhancement.

Our first version camera is built on a raspberry pi zero w core and integrates a 160 degree camera. We intend to open-source both the firmware (written in python) and the 3D design of the camera casing. We will additionally specify the component list and provide a comprehensive how-to guide for making your own iOne camera.

In addition to this camera, we will soon release a cloud-based search engine (iLifeSearch) for your personal visual lifelog data that provides a rich search experience based on the integration of leading deep-learning visual analytics. iLifeSearch operates in a privacy-aware manner and will provide a search engine for your life experience, segmenting your life data (from our camera, or any camera) into events and making each event searchable.

Rami Albatal, Cathal Gurrin, Justin Lawlor, Duc Tien Dang Nguyen